Wednesday, 1 February 2012


My latest beauty shoot! Being a makeup artist on a photo shoot, which involves water can always be a little tricky. Waterproof mascara is a must and so is a silicone based primer and foundation (I use MAC's Prep and Pime +  MAC Studio Sculpt). If you do use anything that is water based, it will just start running as soon as it gets into contact with water. I would also recommend using a setting spray, such as Model in a Botlle before applying anything to the face, they work wonders for a longer lasting makeup. These are also very handy tricks to have when it comes to wedding makeup. A bride will more than likely shed a tear on her big day and heaven forbid, it could also be raining, so waterproofing the makeup is not a bad idea.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Sunshine in my soul

Photographer Josh Kelly has just sent through some more photos from a recent bridal shoot.  Sammi, the model, looks just stunning! This is an example of fairly natural makeup, where the model's own features have been enhanced with a bit of contouring, which means I have used slightly darker shades of makeup to bring out the facial features, such as cheekbones and eyes. I love how something really simple can look so amazing! Being a makeup artist for brides in particular, it will always be my goal to enhance the facial features to make the bride look her very best. If you feel beautiful, it will shine through from the inside.

Photographer | Josh Kelly
Makeup Artist | Ann Lodberg
Model | Sammi Wallis

Ooohh...that's pretty!

I was so thrilled when photographer Josh Kelly from Platform sent me these photo from a bridal shoot we did a couple of months ago. I just LOVE the popping, bright lip color and the hair down (yes, okay I did the hair and make up). But why always stick to the same traditional upstyles and natural makeup? I celebrate taking small risks and I’m always intrigued and delighted when brides dare to take a different direction.

Photographer | Josh Kelly @Platform
Makeup Artist | Ann Lodberg
Bridal Gowns | Strictly Bridal Emporium

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

PKW Making a Splash

I caught up with jewellery designer Paula Kyle Walden after doing her makeup on a recent shoot… this girl makes incredible statement pieces for a living, but really... it is safe to say that she is quite the statement herself!
Describe yourself in a few words..
Creative, complicated and happy.
What lead you into jewellery designing/making?
From the age of six or seven, I recall making a collection of rings from everything and anything I could find and I've wanted to be a jeweller since. Professionally, when I finished high school, I didn’t get a jewellery apprenticeship like I’d hoped. So I did a Diploma in Interior Design. Which really was a blessing in disguise as I got to focus on all the elements and principles of design. So the following year when I did get a jewellery apprenticeship…design was at the heart of my construction process.
Your pieces are extremely beautiful and creative, what influences your designs?
Life generally....
How would you describe your designs in three words?
Artistic, intrinsic and true.
What materials do you enjoy working with the most?
I'm enjoying experimenting with acrylic most at the moment. The possibilities feel infinite.
How long does it take to make one piece of jewellery? From the design process to the final creation?
It really depends...sometimes I make up to 10 prototypes before a design is resolved, other times it's simply think then make and it's done.
What is your proudest moment? In life or as a jewellery designer?
Winning the international award for jewellery design at the ID Dunedin awards and knowing that Zhandra Rhodes admired my work... getting to walk the runway with hundreds clapping felt special too.
In the past you have collaborated with a lot of designers etc. If you could pick any another artist or designer to collaborate with who would it be and why?
There's too many....however, Karl Lagerfield, he comes from an out of this world imaginative place yet finds a balance with being commercially viable in the same instance.
Who is the most inspiring person you have ever met and why?
I have a friend who at the age of 23 had a dream that he was surfing on sand dunes. At the time, he was working a job that paid him 160k a year, yet he never really did well at school. He ended up quitting that job to pursue his dream and invented an artificial wave machine. It took him nearly a decade of going bankrupt, building numerous prototypes and just about teaching himself on everything there is to do with physics and engineering to accomplish his dream to becoming true.  He's an inspiration to anyone who's met him as he's worked hard, suffered and endured the worst of times, yet has stayed true to his dream. What's even cooler is that he acknowledges that his reward was seeing his dream come reality and not the riches he's consequently made. He's the most grounded, giving, wisest and most successful person I've ever met.
Describe the person who wears your jewellery?
The women wearing my pieces are broad. The constant always is, they appreciate art and design and fashionably don't follow trends literally. They’re young at heart too.
Do you wear your own jewellery a lot?
I don't actually wear a lot of my jewellery...however, the one thing you'll always find me wearing is a ring I made myself when I was a second year apprentice.
What has been your biggest challenge in establishing your brand and your business?
Understanding that your business is an entity separate to you was something that took me some time to recognise. Financially, to begin with, I lost so much money too.... the nature of currency though is that it's always moving, so I've learnt to just keep going and to keep working and have proven that the incentive of money always gets recuperated.
What is your main focus or goal for 2012?
My goal this year is to get a few more onshore accounts and to progress the brand to international markets such as Korea, Singapore and Japan.
When can we expect to see your new collection ‘Dynasty’ and can you tell us something about it?
Dynasty will start to land in stores March - April.  This collection for me is about self-development and becoming wiser - smarter. I feel like I’ve grown from within this year. It’s all based on squares. If you look to previous collections I’ve always correlated squares (and the colour blue) to logic. I felt like I needed to create building blocks. This year too, manufacturing and production has been influential due to the growing nature of the business. So in turn, I looked to the relationship of art deco and industrialisation.
What is your most precious staple in your wardrobe and why?
Perhaps a pair of Chanel shoes. They tend to work with any outfit.
Tell me something about yourself that many people might not know about you?
My favourite colour is yellow and I always doubt myself.

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Fashion Photographer | Natalie Lynn

This month, I was so excited to be shooting with fashion photographer Natalie Lynn, who is without a doubt, a very talented girl!

She was born and raised in Australia, but has travelled and worked extensively as an international model. She worked in Europe and India for a lengthy period of time, all adding to her worldly vision! With several years of experience in front of the camera, it’s no wonder she has mastered the art of getting the perfect shot. She has a feminine style and approach, and a devotion to her work, which only help promote her unique talents!

A picture says a thousand words, so I will leave it you to make your own opinion on this creative young lady..

How would you describe your photographic style?
Feminine/ modern and I photograph for a female audience, not a male.
What are the most difficult aspects of fashion photography?
Some of the lighting equipment is definitely made for males and are so heavy and clumsy.
What does it take to be a great fashion photographer?
You have to love fashion, always keep up to date with the latest trends, and work well with models and your team.
What do you love the most about your job?
Its very rewarding seeing the end result when you and your team put so much work into a shoot. I also have made the most amazing friends.
What is most important technique or vision?
I’m a strong believer in technically learning everything you possible can about photography and then once you know all the rules break them and experiment with light, angles, poses etc.
What is the best advice you have received so far about photography?
Whenever you photograph a model full length always lie on the ground to make them look as tall as possible
Is there something you always ask yourself when having to pick a shot?
Do I have the same vision as the client? if not, its never going to work.
Is there anything specific you focus on when shooting?
My shoots are always about making the model look as beautiful and as flattering from all angles.
What is the most important element for you when doing a shoot?
Keeping a good relationship with the model so they are relaxed and having fun, because when they are loving the shoot, they will give you everything they can.
What is your definition of beauty?
Confidence & humour.
Except from your husband and Bella…what are 3 things you can't live without..
Holidays! There is so much behind the scenes work in photography that you never have time off to do nothing. I’m either planning a shoot, doing one or retouching one.
What is you number one beauty advice?
Get a good night sleep before any photo shoot, always drink water and eat healthy.
What motto do you live by?
Happiness is not a station to arrive at but a manner of traveling.

A couple of pictures from the shoot...

Photographer | Natalie Lynn
Makeup Artist | Ann Lodberg

Monday, 19 December 2011

Tutti Frutti

Just a little sneak peak from a recent shoot...

Photographer  Natalie Lynn
Makeup Artist  Ann Lodberg
Model  Keely @ Vivien's
Jewllery  Paula Walden